Gold Buddha Snow Globe
Crystal Buddha Snow GlobeBlue Willow Snow GlobeSnowball Snow GlobeEclipse Snow GlobeMoonlight Snow GlobeBonsai Snow GlobeCairn Snow GlobeCrystals Snow GlobeMini Jewels Snow Globes (Set of 4)Mini Zen Snow Globes (Set of 4)

Meditative Globes (11 designs)


A welcome tool for quiet contemplation, each globe in the Meditative Collection seeks to foster a sense of relaxation and inner peace. Let the entrancing swirling and floating motion of the snow calm your mind, body, and spirit. Perfect for the home or office.


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Regular Globe Dimensions:
4″W x 4″L x 5″H
Globe: 4″ Dia.

Mini Globe Dimensions:
1.75″W x 2.25″H
Globe: 1.75″ Dia.

Available Globes:
Gold Buddha Snow Globe
Let compassion and kindness find all who gaze upon the Buddha’s golden glow.

Crystal Buddha Snow Globe
The Buddha perched on a crystalline lotus flower, surrounded by shimmering silver.

Blue Willow Snow Globe
Inspired by the classic English China Pattern and the essence of the Chinese folktale it is based on.

Snowball Snow Globe
A transparent globe that, when shaken, produces a meditative storm of swirling white.

Eclipse Snow Globe
Reminiscent of space; sparkling blues, purples, greens and golds emerge from the blackness.

Moonlight Snow Globe
Under the simple blue dome of the night sky stars spill out brilliantly.

Bonsai Snow Globe
A lone tree growing in humble repose, the bonsai reflects the world in which it lives.

Cairn Snow Globe
Rustic yet cultivated, this tower of stones reaches steadfastly toward the sky.

Crystals Snow Globe
Modeled from real crystal formations and showered in silver light.

Mini Jewels Snow Globes (Set of 4)
Inspired by the rich tones of precious jewels—amethyst, topaz, aquamarine, and peridot.

Mini Zen Snow Globes (Set of 4)
A set of travel-sized globes for those seeking a life of tranquility.

Our accessories are handcrafted so they may not always be in stock. We will personally advise you of expected lead-times, if any, after you place your order.


Gold Buddha Snow Globe, Crystal Buddha Snow Globe, Blue Willow Snow Globe, Snowball Snow Globe, Eclipse Snow Globe, Moonlight Snow Globe, Bonsai Snow Globe, Cairn Snow Globe, Crystals Snow Globe, Mini Jewels Snow Globes (Set of 4), Mini Zen Snow Globes (Set of 4)