Autumn Snow Globe
Halloween Snow GlobeAutumn Pals Snow GlobeEclipse Snow GlobeCat on Books Snow GlobeMoon Snow GlobeMini Seasons Snow Globes (Set of 4)

Fall Snow Globes (7 Designs)


Whether you prefer spooky tricks and treats or the cozy comfort of sweater weather, the Fall Snow Globe collection has an autumn-inspired globe for you. These high-quality glass snow globes will have you stirring up fall magic all year long.


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Regular Globe Dimensions:
4″W x 4″L x 5″H
Globe: 4″ Dia.

Mini Globe Dimensions:
1.75″W x 2.25″H
Globe: 1.75″ Dia.

Available Globes:
Autumn Snow Globe
Vivid autumn trees showered with golden glitter.

Halloween Snow Globe
Spooky cats, crow, and pumpkins with golden glitter

Autumn Pals Snow Globe
A Jack Russell Terrier and Golden Retriever romping in the fallen leaves and golden glitter.

Eclipse Snow Globe
Reminiscent of space; sparkling blues, purples, greens and golds emerge from the blackness.

Cat on Books Snow Globe
A literature-loving cat taking a nap amidst golden, butterfly-filled glitter.

Moon Snow Globe
One small step for man, one giant leap for snow globes!

Mini Seasons Snow Globes (Set of 4)
A set for nature-lovers of all seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Our accessories are handcrafted so they may not always be in stock. We will personally advise you of expected lead-times, if any, after you place your order.


Autumn Snow Globe, Halloween Snow Globe, Autumn Pals Snow Globe, Eclipse Snow Globe, Cat on Books Snow Globe, Moon Snow Globe, Mini Seasons Snow Globes (Set of 4)