Beach Stone Bottle Stopper
Beach Stone Bottle Stopper Step TwoBeach Stone Bottle Stopper for Drink Dispenser

Beach Stone Bottle Stopper


An optional accessory to the Stone Drink Dispenser, this nifty gadget is designed with your ease in mind.

While the original method for setting up our Stone Drink Dispenser is simply placing the dispenser on top of your open bottle and flipping them right-side-up as one, we’ve created a simple alternative for those who don’t wish to test their muscles or coordination by lifting glass and heavy stone! Just follow the instructions below for simple, stylish, and worry-free bar set-up.

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Jeff and his studio artisans spend hours combing the New England shore for perfect rocks to use for their unique products. The texture of each rock, shaped by the pounding surf, inspires how each will be used. Just like the rocks made by Mother Nature, no two items are ever exactly the same. 

Product Instructions:
Step One: Cork your open bottle with the appropriately sized stopper (there are two sizes attached for your convenience).

Step Two: Turn your corked bottle upside down and place into Stone Drink Dispenser, keeping the cord facing the air vent slot on the back.

Step Three: With Dispenser valve closed, gently tug on the cord until you see air bubbles enter your bottle–this means you have successfully dislodged the stopper!

Step Four: Enjoy! The stopper will stay in place until your bottle is finished.

Our accessories are handcrafted so they may not always be in stock. We will personally advise you of expected lead-times, if any, after you place your order.

LED Color

Blue, Red, Green, White