Summer Snow Globe
Coral Sea Snow GlobeLakeside Snow GlobeSailboat Snow GlobeSea Turtle Snow GlobeWave Snow GlobeMini Bugs Snow Globes (Set of 4)Mini Seasons Snow Globes (Set of 4)

Summer Snow Globes (8 Designs)


Evoking memories of sandy toes and sunny skies, the Summer Snow Globe Collection is inspired by all the sun-drenched fun this season has to offer. Painstakingly hand crafted from high-quality materials, these heirloom quality snow globes will bring you warmth any day of the year.


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Regular Globe Dimensions:
4″W x 4″L x 5″H
Globe: 4″ Dia.

Mini Globe Dimensions:
1.75″W x 2.25″H
Globe: 1.75″ Dia.

Available Globes:
Summer Snow Globe
Stir up the breeze of a lazy summer day with this diamond glitter globe.

Coral Sea Snow Globe
Celebrate an essential part of the ecosystem with this vibrant beauty.

Lakeside Snow Globe
Luxuriate in the nostalgic joy of a sweltering summer day on the lake.

Sailboat Snow Globe
A sleek sloop out for a soothing sail on shining seas.

Sea Turtle Snow Globe
A gentle sea turtle floats effortlessly past a vibrant reef.

Wave Snow Globe
A beautiful crescendo of nature’s power, frozen in time forever.

Mini Bugs Snow Globes (Set of 4)
A charismatic quartet of picnic-crashers.

Mini Seasons Snow Globes (Set of 4)
A set for nature-lovers of all seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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