Spring Snow Globe
Butterfly on a Branch Snow GlobeFox and Bear Snow GlobeCrystals Snow GlobeGoldfinch Fountain Snow GlobeBonsai Snow GlobeMoonlight Snow GlobeMini Seasons Snow Globes (Set of 4)

Spring Snow Globes (9 Designs)


The Spring Snow Globe collection, like spring itself, is filled with delicate beauty. Painstakingly hand crafted from high-quality materials, these snow globes are perfectly formulated to provide a mesmerizing and relaxing swirl of motion–like cherry blossoms floating by on a spring breeze.


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Regular Globe Dimensions:
4″W x 4″L x 5″H
Globe: 4″ Dia.

Mini Globe Dimensions:
1.75″W x 2.25″H
Globe: 1.75″ Dia.

Available Globes:
Spring Snow Globe
Cherry blossoms fall gently on the serene spring scene.

Butterfly on Branch Snow Globe
A delicate springtime scene sure to spark joy.

Fox and Bear Snow Globe
Two unlikely companions rekindle their friendship under the first crescent moon of spring.

Crystals Snow Globe
Modeled from real crystal formations and showered in silver light.

Goldfinch Fountain Snow Globe
A sweet spring scene–two goldfinches go for a brisk dip in sparkling silver.

Bonsai Snow Globe
A lone tree growing in humble repose, the bonsai reflects the world in which it lives.

Moonlight Snow Globe
Under the simple blue dome of the night sky stars spill out brilliantly.

Mini Desserts Snow Globes (Set of 4)
A set of tasty treats–a macaron tower, elegant cake, ice cream sundae, and delectable cupcake.

Mini Seasons Snow Globes (Set of 4)
A set for nature-lovers of all seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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